LV Projectors

Item Code: 6566A001


Get your message across with the LV-5100.

It's a microportable so light, small and easy-to-use, you'll be sure to use it more often. Canon built this projector for the user with portability and easy to use features in mind -- and it packs enough power and smarts to make you a winner every time.

It's compatible with everything from VGA to Digital Video and HDTV files.

It even auto-corrects the displays for you when you connect!

At six pounds, this is the answer to those long road trips -- even if the farthest you go is down the hall. It's so small, you can footprint it on a piece of paper! Only six pounds of microcircuits and Canon acclaimed optics fit in this package -- because Canon Know How makes your life easier.

Canon Know How the world over makes complex technology easy to use. The new LV-5100 is another example of Canon Know How at work. With Canon Know How, you work faster and better; more efficiently.

Put the LV-5100 at your desk, in your school or office. It's the smart way to get your work done.

And, Canon backs you up in the long term with a three-year parts and labor warranty for the unit, with a 120-day warranty for the lamp.