Vizcam 1000


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Presentation Camera
Item Code: 4658A001


High Quality, Low Cost, Multi-Purpose Camera

Just one look at Canon's VIZCAM 1000 is enough to convince you that this is no ordinary camera. The unique design of the product is enhanced by a rugged 3-axis articulated arm that rotates 180 degrees at the base and the camera head, and can be raised or lowered for endless applications from image capture to desktop, to portraits, presentations, distance learning, videoconferencing, and macro imaging. Engineered for exceptional durability over long periods of constant use, each arm can be independently positioned for consistently stable, motion-free imaging. The VIZCAM 1000 features high-resolution imaging of 450 TVL (comparable to professional quality video cameras) and can be used to display color video images of actual 3-dimensional objects, documents and photographs (as close as 5/16 of an inch), on any NTSC video device such as a television monitor, video projector or VCR, with exceptional clarity and sharpness. Additionally, slides, negatives and transparencies can be viewed when utilizing a light box.