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Item Code: 0036X880


ImageBrowser EX is a new image management software program for Canon's digital cameras and digital camcorders. This software makes managing and searching for images shot with cameras and camcorders very easy. Please utilize the software for editing, printing and sharing images. ImageBrowser EX can be installed simultaneously with ZoomBrowser EX/ImageBrowser. (Even if ImageBrowser EX is installed, ZoomBrowser EX/ImageBrowser will not be uninstalled.) It is required to connect your Canon camera to a computer with an Internet connection using a USB cable.

The following functions are available with ImageBrowser EX.
  • Importing images from a camera* or a memory card. (*Using CameraWindow DC/EOS Utility)
  • Displaying images by folder
  • Displaying images by shooting date/month/year
  • Displaying shooting information of images
  • Editing still images
  • Editing movies
  • Printing still images
  • Uploading images to CANON iMAGE GATEWAY
  • Uploading images to Facebook
  • Uploading images to YouTube
  • Attaching images to e-mail

Please note that the following functions available with ZoomBrowser EX/ImageBrowser are not available with ImageBrowser EX.
  • Displaying images in a viewer window
  • Backing up images on a CD-ROM
  • Exporting images (resizing, wallpaper, screen saver, etc.)
  • Changing all file names at once