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EF 40mm f/2.8 STM

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About EF 40mm f/2.8 STM

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Item Code: 6310B002
Estimated Retail Price: $199.99

EF 40mm f/2.8 STM 4.4 5 21 21
Great Bargan This lens might be the best buy of the entire Canon line of lenses..I tested the canon 40mm against the 40mm f2 from Voightlander and was pleasantly surprised by the Cannon.I'm not going to say that the Canon was better in every way; but as far as center sharpness goes, I was amazed. I found my copy of the 40mm f2.8 pancake to be sharper in the center for all f stops untill f16 when Voightlander catches up. At f22 the voightlander is sharper. At 5.6 and F8 canon was quite a bit sharper. I own 5 other canon lenses (all "L" glass). For the price difference, this little knock around lens is amazing. April 10, 2014
In love I recently purchased the new 70 D body, I am never that fond of kit lenses so this is the first lens I decided to purchase to go with my new camera. I am in love with this lens. It is such a fun lens, it really captures the colors of the scene you are shooting well, and for the price the quality of the photos are great! If you are a intermediate photographer like me I know you will not be disappointed! This was actually my first stationary lens, I usually shoot everything with a wide angle zoom or a regular telephoto zoom, this lens has made me so excited to purchase another stationary lens. I see the 85 mm in my future:) January 29, 2014
Great Compact Lens I love the Canon EOS 40mm cause it is a great travel lens. It is also tack sharp because it is simple and only has 6 elements (pieces of glass). Since it weighs next to nothing, it definitely lightens the load of my 50D with accessories, which weighs almost 10 times more than the lens itself. I would definitely recommend this to someone with a full frame camera (6D, 5D, 1D) or to somebody with a ASPC camera (All Rebel models, 10D, 20D ... 70D) that wants a more zoomed in image. January 18, 2014
Best Full-frame focal length and lens size I am soooo happy canon made this lens. It really is the PERFECT focal length and size all in one camera. This lens will absolutely put the fun back into your photography days. To say the least, 40mm on a full frame is not too sweet, not too sour, but just right. EVERYTIME! It's size and PRICE allows you to tote it around and ENJOY yourself. Thank you god! Geez. I've been waiting a looonnnggg time for something like this. Canon.... please develop the 40mm focal length more. And please develop pancake lenses more. Pancake lenses are the future for anyone who wants to enjoy their DSLR. I can now carry my 6D everywhere and carry my children when I need to. It is 10x more easier to carry around than the 50mm f1.4. THAT is saying quite a lot. December 23, 2013
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