EOS Digital Rebel

EOS Digital Cameras

Digital SLR Camera
Item Code: 8861A001


Compact and lightweight body with ergonomic design control layout.

Optimal Settings for Common Shots
Simply turn the command dial and the camera's settings are automatically optimized for stunning portraits, sweeping landscapes, highly-detailed close-up shots, dynamic sports images and properly exposed night portraits. A handy Flash-off mode is also available, plus Auto for carefree shooting.

Shoot carefree: focus, exposure and white balance are intelligently controlled for you.

Your subject is sharply focused and the background beautifully blurred.

Scenery comes alive with sweeping depth-of-field and backgrounds in sharp focus.

Capture every dazzling detail with incredible definition.

Freeze fast action for high-impact images.

Makes a challenging situation easy, properly illuminating both subject and background.

Disables both the built-in flash and an attached Speedlite.

Advanced Creative Control
Advanced controls will keep experienced photographers motivated and inspire beginners to flex their SLR skills. Creative Zone modes include A-DEP to set a "zone of sharpness," Manual, Aperture Priority AE to set the aperture, Shutter Priority AE to set shutter speed, and Program AE to let the camera select different shutter/aperture combinations while maintaining a constant exposure.

Experiment with shutter and aperture while maintaining a constant exposure value.

Set your own shutter speed and the camera will choose an appropriate aperture.

Choose an aperture for dramatic effects while the camera sets the shutter speed.

Capture every dazzling detail with incredible definition.

Let you take complete control of every system whenever you want.

Operation is Easy and Familiar Right Away
Pick it up and start shooting! The EOS Digital Rebel is compact and lightweight, with a secure and comfortable grip that makes shooting spontaneous and easy.

The camera's controls are intelligently arranged. A mode dial gives you easy access to shooting controls to make even one-handed shooting comfortable.

Cross Keys are located right under your thumb to control digital functions through the LCD screen. The brightness-adjustable LCD screen is big and informative. Menus are written in plain language to be understood at a glance, and are tabbed on a single screen to make scrolling unnecessary.

Large, brightness adjustable LCD make it easy to read at a glance. No scrolling necessary.

Playback with Major Zoom
Choosing whether to save or erase a shot is easy, because you can zoom images from 1.5x all the way to 10x, moving up, down, left and right to see any area up close. You can even advance to the next shot in the enlarged view with no need to zoom again. In addition, the camera exclusively generates JPEG Small/Normal image files to make the image playback faster on the camera's LCD monitor. As a result, in the Large/Fine mode, the playback time is 3 times faster than other conventional models.

Up to 10x zoom and move up, down, left, and right.

Automatic Image Rotation
As an added convenience, images are automatically rotated to be in an upright position when you view them on the LCD screen or your computer.

Simple Control
Use the Cross Keys to move up, down, left or right.