EOS Digital Cameras

Digital SLR Camera
Item Code: 8068A008


Bundled with Powerful New Software Utilities for Windows and Mac OS.

The new stand-alone File Viewer Utility enables the "Development" of RAW images, viewing of images, and customization of camera settings right in the camera. It comes bundled with software that supports the latest operating systems and handles various tasks, including image management, remote camera control, layout printing and image editing.

Remote Capture
Users can operate the camera remotely from their computer using RemoteCapture software and the supplied interface cable. The software supprts single-frame and continuous shooting, as well as self-timer and interval shooting with extended control ranges. Images can be recorded directly to the computer with or without a CF card in the camera.

ZoomBrowser EX
This software allows users to download, upload, view, manage, edit and convert JPEG and RAW files on their computer. Editing features include cropping, adjustment of contrast and saturation, and alteration of image dimensions and resolution. Output options include Flashpix, JPEG, TIFF and BMP.

Data Verification Kit
The EOS-1Ds is the world's first digital SLR that can prove its images are unaltered, original files. Optional Data Verification Kit DVK-E1, consisting of a dedicated IC card and card reader together with special Windows 2000/XP software, is avavilable to verify that EOS-1Ds images are absolutely unaltered. The system is so precise, that even the slightest discrepancy is detected. This may well be a landmark for digital imaging in law enforcement and many other documentary uses.

IEEE 1394
The EOS-1Ds comes equipped with an IEEE 1394 ("Firewire") interface, allowing speedy plug-and-play data communication with computers. For studio photography, new 4.5m IEEE 1394 cables are available. The camera automatically formats the CF card according to the maximum storage capacity.