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About EOS 10D

Digital SLR Camera
Item Code: 8363A002


Additional Features

Automatic Rotation of Vertical Images
Whenever you view stored images on the LCD or through video output display, images that were taken with the EOS 10D turned sideways are rotated automatically to the upright position for easier viewing.

Shooting Modes
The EOD 10D's convenient shooting modes make it easy to obtain professional results. Simply select the best mode for the shooting situation, set options when available, and let the EOS 10D handle the rest.

35-zone Evaluative Metering System/E-TTL Autoflash Algorithm
The EOS 10D offers wide-ranging control over exposure through its proven Evaluative Metering System, which features maximum aperture TTL metering, 35-zone SPC, three selectable modes and improved overall precision via a new algorithm. The evaluative metering mode links to all AF points, metering the entire image area, while the center-weighted average metering mode lets photographers apply their own compensation. The partial central metering mode uses 13.5% of the central area an cannot be linked to the AF point.
To obtain more stable flash exposures, the EOS 10D's algorithm for calculating the main flash output is based on the algorithm used by the EOS-1v and EOS-1D/1Ds. Since a wide area of the entire image is metered for flash, the flash exposure remains stable even if the framing is slightly changed. Meter readings from highly reflective surfaces are ignored or the weighting is reduced so that it will not adversely affect the exposure of the subject.

Custom Functions
17 Custom Functions with 61 settings provide a method of tailoring certain features and controls to meet your needs. Many of these functions are similar to those in professional EOS film cameras, while others allow control of purely digital features. Custom Functions are easily selectable through an easy-to-use menu that displays text in your choice of 12 languages (English, German, French, Japanese, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish or Chinese).