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PowerShot G15

PowerShot G Series
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Digital Compact Camera
Item Code: 6350B001
Estimated Retail Price: $449.99

PowerShot G15 4.6 5 33 33
The best point and shoot ever I'm crazy Canon guy and using Rebel T5i and point and shoot ELPH 330 HS. Can't stop keep buying Canon and this time I chose Powershot G 15. Amazing and the best point and shoot camera ever with DSLR quality. Awesome at low light. Great HD video. 100% recommended! I love Canon! ....Thank you! May 7, 2014
The perfect in between After much research of advanced point and shoot digital camera options I narrowed it down to two. The G15 being one. I have a DSLR and also a basic point and shoot camera, but I was looking for something in between. The DSLR did a fine job with pictures on a previous vacation trip, but it was rather bulky to travel with as others have noted. So my quest to find an advanced point and shoot prior to a recent vacation to Ireland was on. I visited my local camera store and after explaining what I was looking for they asked if I would be interested in a used G15. I said sure having owned Canon 35mm cameras years ago and always liked Canon but had not owned a Canon since the move to digital. The G15 was a favorite of the camera store and they took the time to show me the G15 features and explain some added functions of an advanced point and shoot camera. I made the purchase and took the G15 on vacation and I could not be more pleased with it. It was the perfect size for traveling via airports/planes and hopping on and off our tour motor coach. The picture quality is excellent and I was pleased with the range of options in the various shooting modes. I also found I did use the view finder. In some instances of bright sunlight it did help in framing the picture as opposed to the LCD screen. I also found the battery life was about as advertised. In short the G15 was an excellent purchase and I suspect I will be using it more and more. May 7, 2014
Gained Good Features; Lost a Few I am a previous owner of G11. In comparison, the G15 has a pop-up flash and no swivel back. It has a new menu system that is better organized than the G11. You have horizon indicator. Sensor has 2 more megapixels. The aperture has 6 leaves. The lens at wide angle is f1.8 and f2.8 at telephoto. The latter was on my improvement wish list. The pop-up flash has delicate plastic linkages. I preferred the fixed flash on the G11/G12. Now it is on my wish list. So is swivel back. The exposure is accurate. B&W shots are excellent but you don't get raw recording with b&w. That's on my wish list too. February 21, 2014
Great take-everywhere camera! I purchased this camera a couple weeks before Christmas and have used it almost everyday since. Images are outstanding, particularly the low-light images I took at various candlelight services...stunning, and that's my wife's words, not just mine. Has an abundance of features including a fast lens, f1.8 at 28mm and only f2.8 even at 140mm! Love setting my G15 on a tripod and using the built-in ND filter for images of moving water. Still love and have my DSLR, but my G15 now goes everywhere with me. January 7, 2014
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