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Main Unit Specs

Standard Definition or High DefinitionHigh Definition
Power Supply (rated)7.4V DC (battery pack)
Video Recording systemTwo rotating heads, helical scan azimuth recording, HDV: HDV1080i; DV specifications (Consumer VCR SD specifications)
Audio Recording systemDV: PCM digital recording: 16 bits (48 kHz/2 channels), 12 bits (32 kHz//2 channels) selectable. 12 bit/synchronous (32 kHz/4 channels) is possible HDV: MPEG1 Audio Layer II: (Sampling frequency 48 kHz, bit rate 384 kbps/2 channels);
Image SensorSize 1/3", approx. 1.67 megapixels per CCD, CCD x3 (charge-coupled device) with horizontal pixel shift.
Effective pixels: HD approx. 1.56 megapixels, SD/4:3 approx. 1.17 megapixels, SD/16:9 approx. 1.56 megapixels
Tape FormatVideo cassettes bearing the MiniDV mark
Tape SpeedHDV/DV: SP mode: 0.74 ips (18.81mm/second), DV, LP mode; 0.49 ips (12.56 mm/second)
Maximum Recording Time (with an 80-min. cassette)HDV/DV: SP mode 80 min. DV:LP; 120 min.
Lens MountXL interchangeable lens system
Focusing SystemTTL autofocus. Manual focusing possible (20x zoom XL 5.4-108mm L IS II installed)
Focusing System20mm (Wide macro), 1m (entire zoom range): (20x zoom XL 5.4-108mm L IS II installed)
Minimum Illumination60i, 1/60 shutter speed = 7 lux; 30F, 1/30 shutter speed = 4 lux; 24F, 1/48 shutter speed = 6 lux
Filter Diameter72mm (XL lens)
Viewfinder2.4-inch (wide type) color LCD; Approx. 215,000 pixels
MicrophoneHigh-performance MS stereo electric condenser microphone
Recording MediaSD, MMC (photos only)
DV TerminalSpecial 4-pin connector (IEEE1394 compatible); both input/output
Video Terminal(a) Also serves as RCA pin jack (yellow); both input/output
(b) Also serves as BNC connector; both input/output
Output LevelsMax. -10 dBv (for 47 kohm load)/3 kohm unbalanced
S-video Terminal4-pin mini-DIN; both input/output
Audio Terminal(a) Also serves as RCA pin jack (white/red, L/R) both input/output (2 systems)
(b) XLR 3-pin jack (2 systems); switchable between MIC/LINE
AudioAuto Mode, Gain 18dB
Microphone Terminal3.5mm stereo mini-jack
Operating Temperature range32-104° F (0-40° C)
Dimensions8.9 x 8.7 x 19.5 in. (226 x 220 x 496mm)
Weight (not including lens and battery pack)5.4 lbs. (2435g)
Weight8.3 lbs. (3750g)
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