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XL2 Body Kit

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When you choose the Canon XL2 Body Kit, you've chosen a rock-solid foundation on which to build a video camera system uniquely suited to your creative vision, as well as your technical needs and preferences. By starting with the XL2 body alone, with its Open Architecture philosophy and modular design, you can customize your system exactly the way you want it.

Add lenses from the XL series of video lenses, third-party cine lenses, or Canon's extensive range of photo lenses. Add components such as viewfinders, mounts and audio components. The result is a video system that conforms to you - not the other way around.

And no matter how you customize your system, you're building it on the foundation of a recognized industry leader: the Canon XL2. The XL2 gives you performance found only in much more expensive cameras, with Total Image Control, dual aspect ratios, variable frame rates, customizable cine-look, advanced controls, and much more.

Because every filmmaker or videographer is unique, every XL2 camera system should be unique, too. With the Open Architecture of the XL2, they can be. And that means - you're open to anything.