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miniDV Camcorders

miniDV Camcorder
Item Code: 3543B001


Perfect Exposures

The ZR960 gives you exposure controls found on expensive digital still cameras.

Exposure Lock

With a push of its convenient omni-selector joystick, the ZR960 lets you lock your exposure settings, and then recompose your shot. For example, you can lock your exposure while zoomed in on your subject's face. Then, even if you zoom out to include a very bright or dark background, your ZR960 will still give your subject the right exposure. Also, by shifting the omni-selector left or right, you can adjust your exposure by up to +/- 11 stops (+/-2.75 EV).

Auto Slow Shutter Function

Simulated Image
The Auto Slow Shutter function ensures perfect exposures in low light by lowering your shutter speed.

Program AE Mode

Program AEThe ZR960 comes with Program AE Mode settings that give you perfect exposures in a variety of conditions: Snow, Beach, Sunset, Spotlight, Fireworks, Portrait, Sports and Night.