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miniDV Camcorder
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Brilliant Video

The new ZR900 features Canon's exclusive DIGIC DV image processor, which results in exceptional color and clarity in your video.

Widescreen HR Recording

So, why is the way you record widescreen images so important? Because you want an image made for widescreen, not adapted for widescreen. Because every HD television is widescreen -- widescreen is the future.

  The story of how we do it may be a bit technical, but the result is clear to see. Canon camcorders use the entire width of the image sensor to capture video in true 16:9 format. What difference does this make? It's simple. With more pixels captured, you get better image quality. Some competitors' camcorders force the wider picture into a smaller space on the sensor -- giving you a less true image, with fewer pixels and lower quality.

In addition, the large 2.7" LCD screen and .35" color viewfinder on your ZR900 displays your widescreen image in a letterbox view and makes it easier to see all that you're shooting. From side to side and top to bottom, what you see is what you get. Either way, there isn't the guessing or extra work in looking at an image that's distorted like a fun house mirror.

These other features make it easy to record brilliant video.

Smooth Zoom Control Soft LCD Video Light
Level and Grid Markers Microphone Terminal

Smooth Zoom Control

With Canon's smooth zoom control, you'll have three, pre-set zoom speeds that ensure professional, steady zoom shots.

Level and Grid Markers

Capturing level, well-composed shots is simple with the ZR900. Line up the horizon or other horizontal lines with the Level Marker in the viewfinder for level landscapes. Or, use the Grid Marker to help compose the perfect shot. Both markers can be set to white or grey for enhanced visibility, no matter what the background.

Soft LCD Video Light

The ZR900 even comes with a video light built-in to the LCD screen to help give a soft, even light to a nearby subject when you're shooting in dark conditions.

Microphone Terminal

The ZR900's built-in microphone terminal allows you to use an accessory microphone with the camcorder. This feature is especially useful for educators or trainers who need to cleanly record audio for documentation purposes in which a clear voice must be heard. It is also handy for a home video in which you want to record a narration without interference from background noises. You also have the choice of using the built-in microphone as well.