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Digital Camcorder
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Enjoy portable movie-making power

The ZR85 allows you to record movie clips in Motion JPEG format onto the memory card, for clear images and smooth playback. It also means you can easily take the 320 x 240 pixel or 160 x 120 pixel mini-movie and attach it to an e-mail or post it on the web. Best of all, you can record for the full length of the SD Memory Card*.

MultiMediaCard SD

* Max. 60 minutes (512MB SD Memory Card). When using MultiMediaCards, movie clips are limited to 10 seconds in 320 x 240 and 30 seconds in 160 x 120.

Card Mix Effects
You can also produce effects not possible with just a cassette using the Card Mix Effects, or choose one of the sample images provided on the supplied SD Memory Card (such as picture frames, backgrounds and animations) and combine it with the live video recording.