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The Digital Camcorder To Keep Pace With Full-Motion Lifestyles

Canon's ZR10 is light enough, easy enough, and powerful enough to turn you into a digital moviemaker, so you can make your family and friends into stars. Basically point-and-shoot, the ZR10 takes care of the details, but gives you control when you want it, to add effects to your movies for that extra cinematic touch. And because it's digital, the ZR10 makes movies super-easy to put on the Internet.

After all, once you get your ZR10, you'll be making web movies all the time. The ZR10 brings digital filmmaking within reach of your whole family. Once your kids teach you how it works, you'll find that the ZR10 makes video simpler that it has ever been before. And because it's digital, you can email movies, or put them on the Internet—no sweat! You don't have to be a webmaster to learn how, at icanstream.com, you can do it in a few easy steps.