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High Definition Camcorder
Item Code: 2080B001


Complete Customization

One of the hallmarks of the XL Series has been the vast range of adjustments, control functions and features to customize the camcorder to fit the user's exact needs. This is Complete Customization, which brings a higher level of tuning to help you realize your creative objectives with greater precision than ever before. New, wider ranges of adjustments can be found in Color Gain, Color Matrixes, Menu Display Adjustments, Custom Operation Functions, Preset File Sharing, Push AE, Iris Control, wider White Balance Color Temperature Range, Color Correction and Noise Reduction, to name just a few.

Selectable Frame Rates: 24F, 30F, 60i

(Optional Upgrade performed by Canon's Factory Service Center to add 50i/25F frame rates)

  • Image Adjustments

    Gamma, Knee, Black, Master Pedestal (+/- 9 steps), Setup Level (+/- 9 steps), Sharpness (+/- 9 steps), Horizontal Detail, Horizontal/Vertical Detail Balance (+/- 9 steps), Coring (+/- 9 steps), Noise Reduction 1, Noise Reduction 2, Color Matrix, Color Gain (+/- 50 steps), Hue (+/- 9 steps), Master Red Gain (+/- 50 steps), Master Blue Gain (+/- 50 steps), Master Green Gain (+/- 50 steps), Six Color Matrixes (each color matrix can be adjusted +/- 50 steps)
  • Menu Display Adjustments

    Rec Programs, Camera Data 1 (f/stop and Shutter Speed), Camera Data 2 (Exposure, White Balance, Gain), Zoom, Focus, ND Filter, Image Effects, Focusing Assist (Peaking and Magnification), Customize (Custom Function and Custom Preset), Video Recording Standard, DV Recording Mode, Frame Rate, Tape (Operation Mode, Time Code, DV Control), Tape Remainder (Normal, Warning, Off), Tape/Card (External Control, Image Stabilization, Image Size/Quality), Light Metering (Spot AE Point and Light Metering), Card (Drive Mode, Flash), Card Remainder (Normal, Warning, Off), Audio (Mic Mode, XLR, DV Audio), Dew Condensation, Battery (Normal, Warning, Off), Wireless Remote (Normal, Warning, Off)
  • Custom Operation Functions

    Shockless White Balance/Gain, AE Response, High-Speed Zoom, Focus Ring Control, Button Operation, Rings Direction, Dials Direction, Focus Priority, Still Image Recording, Marker Level (Marker Brightness), Focusing Assist, B&W Gearing Mode, Subject Distance Unit, Zoom Indicator, Color Bars, 1 kHz Tone, Wireless Remote, Power Save, Tally Lamp, LED, Beep, Record (Character, Magnifying)
  • Additional Functions
    • SDHC Memory Card/MultiMediaCard Slot (for storing custom presets, custom functions and photos)
    • Sharing of XL H1S Custom Preset files with additional Canon XL H1S camcorders, as well as Canon XL H1A, XH A1, and XH G1 camcorders (XL H1 files may be shared with XL H1S, but XL H1 cannot read XL H1S files)
    • Program AE Modes (Auto, Full Auto, TV, AV, Manual, Spotlight, Night), with Manual Mode located next to OFF for easier access
    • Skin Detail
    • Push AE (Usable in Manual Exposure Mode)
    • Gain Settings (-3dB, 0dB, +3dB, + 6dB, +12dB, +18dB, +36dB, with fine tuning in 0.5dB increments from 0dB to +18dB)
    • AGC Limit
    • Iris Limit (Limits minimum iris setting to f/9.5)
    • Iris control using LANC (while using optional ZR-2000)
    • Custom Preset files

      Store 9 Custom Preset files on the XL H1S

      Store 20 Custom Preset files to a memory card
    • White Balance Auto, Set (2), Preset (outdoor/indoor), Color Temperature (2,000 K to 15,000 K)
    • Color corrections (16 areas, 2 regions)
    • Selective Noise Reduction (enables application of NR to targeted color areas)
    • Numbers used for Menu selection bar (EVF SETUP/Skin detail/Color correction)
    • Two Custom keys
    • Clear Scan (100 levels: 60.1 Hz - 203.9 Hz)