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Digital Camcorder
Item Code: 7046A001


Additional Features

The XL1S has many additional features for ease of use and creative control.

Magnesium Alloy Body
Item Code: 7196A001

The XL1S camcorder is designed to support extensive field use. Its chassis is mounted on a single, durable magnesium alloy frame to provide overall strength and protection from external shock.

Tally Lamp
On the XL1S, the tally lamp - the signal lamp or LED installed on a video camera that indicates to performers and crew members that the camera is recording - can be left on or turned off via the camera menu. Turning the tally lamp off can facilitate capturing more natural documentary footage. The XL1S has tally lamp at the front and the back of the camcorder.

Multi-Angle Viewfinder

The 180,000 pixel, color LCD viewfinder can be adjusted for left or right eye recording and can be swiveled 270 degrees. In addition, the viewfinder can be changed to either "near" or "far" view settings for low or high angle shooting. The brightness of the display can be adjusted by turning the "Bright" screw. By using the menu system, you can adjust the EVF color to match the shooting conditions. The focusing ring on the EVF can be adjusted from -5 to +2 for accurate focus monitoring.

Low Power Consumption
The XL1S was designed to consume as little power as possible and comes with power saving features such as auto off features (activated after about 5 minutes of inactivity) to further extend battery power for field and remote work.

Easy Menu System
The XL1S has two main menus, a camera menu and a VCR menu. Both menus are simple toggle and select systems that allow for rapid adjustment of key camera controls - such as audio input levels, tally lamp on/off and activation of zebra pattern.

Camera menu
  • Zebra pattern
  • 16:9 effect
  • Movie mode
  • Remote sensor
  • Tally Lamp
  • Audio mode
  • Audio 1 Input
  • Audio 2 Input
  • Recording mode
  • Date/time set
VCR menu
  • Tally Lamp
  • Remote sensor
  • Recording mode
  • Mix balance
  • Output channel
  • Data Code
  • Date/time select
  • Date/time set

Digital Effects
The XL1S features two in camera digital effects - a digital zoom and a fade trigger that can be easily activated. Only one digital effect can be used at a time.

Fade Trigger
Fade Trigger allows for a smooth and controlled fade in or out from a scene.

2x Digital Zoom
Activating the digital zoom successfully doubles the camera's zoom range. The zoom control continues to work as usual - the camera automatically switches between optical zooming and digital zooming, though image resolution is slightly lower when the magnification exceeds the optical zoom range.

Time Code
Time Code is a digital code number recorded onto videotape for editing purposes. When decoded, the time code identifies every frame of a videotape using digits reading hours:minutes:seconds and frames. Each individual video frame is assigned a unique address, a must for accurate editing. You can choose to display or hide it during playback.

Data Code
The date and/or time display forms part of the data code. Shutter Speed, Aperture, Gain, and White Balance is also available as part of the data code. You can choose to display or hide it during playback.

Remote Control

The supplied wireless controller can operate the camera from a distance of up to 16 feet (5m). Point it at either of the camera's remote sensors while you press the buttons. (Remote sensors are available at both the front and the back of the camera.) The tally lamps light up to indicate that the camera is in range and responding to remote control commands. Other than the standard on camera functions, there are four functions that can only be operated using the wireless controller:
  • Special playback
  • Data Code on/off
  • Photo Search
  • Self-timer

The remote sensor on the XL1S can be turned off to prevent interference from other Canon wireless controllers being used nearby.

LANCThe LANC - or Local Application Control Bus System - is a remote terminal that allows you to connect the camera to editing equipment. This connector is used by the ZR-1000 wired remote control.

Canon EX Speedlite Flash Compatibility
With an optional Flash Adapter FA-200 (Item Code: 3152A002), the Canon XL1S can utilize the 420EX (Item Code: 4590A009) or the 550EX (Item Code: 2261A003) SLR flashes for flash photography. Simply connect the FA-200 to the XL1S flash terminal, attach the flash, and shoot still images using either photo button. (Photo buttons are on the grip handle and near the side controls.)

Photo Search
The photo search feature - available via the remote control - allows you to search through still images quickly and easily wherever they are on a tape.