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Picture Adjustments

Attaining the best picture possible is the essence of filmmaking, photography, videography - and Canon. The XL1S automates and also allows manual control of the essential ingredients that go into capturing great images.


Color Phase

Adjust the Color Phase toward red or green for exact control.


Picture Sharpness
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The XL1S is capable of changing the degrees of sharpness in the picture. By using this feature, pictures that do not require a lot of detail can be softened. This feature can also be use to hide blemishes or imperfections during close-ups.


Color Gain
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Adjust the saturation of the color from off to oversaturated. This adjustment allows you to shoot in black and white.


Setup Level

Adjust the black level of the video signal for the best shadows detail.


Gain Control
Gain Control adjusts the amount of video signal generated depending upon lighting and shooting conditions. The XL1S includes gain controls that are switchable between automatic and manual control. The XL1S automatically controls the camera gain in the Green Mode or Spotlight recording programs and Automatic Gain Control (AGC) can also be selected via the gain control knob. AGC is typically used to maintain a constant video luminance level by boosting weak (low light) picture signals electronically. You can also manually adjust the GAIN dial to other preset levels that range from -3 to +30 dB. The gain level you select appears in the viewfinder. Use lowest gain levels for lowest noise recording for indoor, low light or low contrast scenes. Zero or balanced gain (0dB) is used for low noise, color reproduction of illuminated scenes. Higher gain settings are used to increase light capture to brighten indoor or low-light scenes when an open iris does not supply sufficient signal. Higher gain settings also enable you to increase the depth of field using a smaller iris aperture.

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Gain Setting


In conjunction with the Frame Movie Mode, it provides a rich cinematic look.
Automatic adjustment of gain. AGC - Automatic gain control
Life like night/artificial light scenes
Brighten indoor or low-light scenes
Increases brightness in indoor or low-light scenes. Increases depth of field
Increases brightness in indoor or low-light scenes. Increases depth of field
Low-light scenes

White Balance
The XL1S uses an electronic white balance process to calibrate the picture for accurate color display in different lighting conditions (i.e. sunlight versus indoor incandescent.) Automated white balance settings include a fully automated mode, an indoor mode and an outdoor mode. (In Green Mode white balance is fully automated and can not be adjusted.)

In addition to these set standards, the XL1S allows you to set the white balance manually by selecting manual select, pointing the camera at a white object (such as a sheet of paper) that fills the field of view. The XL1S allows you to set and save up to three white balance presets that can be reused for non-sequential shooting. Manual white balance works best for dominant color or monochromatic scenes and close-ups, in rapidly changing lighting conditions and in places lit by certain fluorescent or mercury vapor lights. White balancing should be performed prior to any recording.

White Balance Setting


Automated adjustments of white balance.
Bright sunlight - 5600ºK
Incandescent light - 3200ºK
Preset 1
Adjustable memory setting variable
3200 - 5600ºK.
Preset 2
Adjustable memory setting variable
3200 - 5600ºK.
Preset 3
Adjustable memory setting variable
3200 - 5600ºK.