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3X Super Wide-Angle Zoom Lens

This new XL wide-angle zoom lens provides the world's widest field-of-view on any DV camcorder and marks the second XL lens designed specifically to fit the XL1 DV camcorder, the world's first DV camcorder to incorporate Canon's exclusive Interchangeable XL Lens Mount System. The new lens widens the videomakers' angle of horizontal view to more than 70°, compared with that of the standard 16X lens supplied with the XL1 which provides 47°. This represents an increase in angle of view of nearly 50%. This 3.4mm to 10.2 mm short zoom lens enables consumers and videographers to move from vast landscapes to close-ups with maximum flexibility. It is the equivalent of a 24mm to 72mm 35mm photography lens. And, in addition to it being a desirable angle among videographers, the lens is lightweight, portable and easy to use.

By incorporating 18 of the highest quality, precision-crafted optical elements including low dispersion glasses used to compensate for chromatic aberration, the XL wide-angle 3X zoom lens achieves 600 TV line resolution. The result is extraordinarily sharp images compared to wide-angle lens converters. Additional Features:

  • Six blade iris for minimal light flare
  • Manual zoom and focus ring on lens
  • 72mm lens diameter permits the use of screw-on type filters
  • Fully electronic interface for the XL1 DV camcorder
  • Minimum focusing distance of 3/4" at wide end
  • Built-in 1.5 Neutral Density Filter
  • Maximum aperture f/1.8

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Shooting Tip: Because this lens has a short focal length and large depth of field, foreign matter such as dust on the lens surface may be visible at minimum (F/16) aperture setting. Please ensure that the front and rear glass surfaces are kept clean.

A lens cleaning cloth is packaged with the 3x lens to assist you in keeping the glass surfaces clean.