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HDV Camcorder
Item Code: 3238B001
Estimated Retail Price: $3,999.00




Improvements have been made to the manual zoom, manual focus and iris ring on the XH A1S to further enhance its operability and which make it even easier to achieve your creative vision.

  • Zooming

    Responsive manual zoom ring with three settings (Slow, Normal, Fast)

    Three preset zoom speeds (Slow, Normal, Fast)

    Increased weighting of zoom ring for smoother control

    Smooth zoom start and stop

    Selectable rotational angle of zoom between Wide and Tele
  • Focusing

    Manual focus capability during zoom (in both Manual Focus and AF Modes)

    Selectable response on focus ring (Slow, Normal, Fast)

    Focus Limit (On/Off)

    Four selectable focus preset speeds
  • Iris Ring

    Improved ring design for better performance is an extremely useful function on the XH A1S. The manual iris adjustment ring allows you to adjust your f-stop with the same hand and in the same manner as you focus and zoom. You can thereby control all aspects of the image with your fingertips, while keeping the camcorder steady. In addition, the Iris limit is selectable.

Instant AF

With HD, focus is more critical than ever. It demands Instant AF: the next generation of auto focus, designed with HD resolution in mind. Because HD resolution is higher, focusing time is longer - it's harder to find perfect focus. Canon's Instant AF combines an external AF sensor with Canon's legendary auto focus system for fast and accurate focus. Together, the two sensors reduce focusing time - even in low-light, low contrast, or high brightness situations - and improve focusing performance on difficult subjects.

The XH A1S gives you a choice of two AF modes for different shooting applications:

  • Normal AF changes focus at a speed that appears natural and doesn't distract the viewer
  • Instant AF changes focus as rapidly as possible and is designed for applications in which quick focus is more important than other considerations - for example, in news gathering or documentary work