Optura Xi

miniDV Camcorders

Digital Camcorder
Item Code: 9000A001


Digital Effects, Faders and Special Effects

The Optura Xi has a number of additional features for ease of use and creative control.  For that creative touch, a more appealing look, or greater imaging variety, you can switch on one of several digital effects: negative picture, art, black & white picture, sepia, mosaic.

Digital Effects
The Optura Xi gives you the opportunity to play with what you've made. For that creative touch, a more appealing look, or greater imaging variety, you can switch on one of several digital effects: colors, art, black & white, sepia, mosaic, mirror, ball, cube or wave.

Surrounds your images with color.

Adds a paint-like effect, called solarization, to the image.

Black & White
Looking for that "1940s" movie look or an "art-house" feel to your video? Then use the black & white digital effect for classy black and white reproduction of the scene.

The sepia effect gives a brown shade to your video to recreate the look of faded photos.

Blurs the image by enlarging the size of some of the pixels.

Double your subject. In addition to the regular image, this creates a reversed, mirror-image of your subject -- like standing next to a mirror.

The camera image takes on the appearance of a round ball in the middle of the frame.

Your subject is placed inside a six-sided cube.

Gives your video the look of a fun-house mirror with wavy sides.

Digital Faders
The Optura Xi gives you several picture fade options to start or end scenes, with a fade to or from black: Fade Trigger, Wipe, Corner, Flip, Tide, Puzzle, Beam, Zigzag, and Jump.

Fade Trigger
When you start recording, the scene gradually fades in from a black screen. When you stop recording, it gradually fades out.

When you start recording, the picture begins as a thin vertical line in the center of the screen, gradually expanding sideways until it fills the entire screen. When you end a scene, the image is wiped from both sides of the screen.

When you start recording, a box from the bottom right and top left expand to fill the entire screen. When you stop recording, a black box from the top right and bottom left expands to cover the entire screen.

The image turns upside down.

Introduces a sideways motion to the image.

The image breaks up into pieces and the pieces move around the screen.

A horizontal bar (beam) splits the screen.

The image appears in zigzag from the top of the screen. White stripes appear in zigzag from the bottom of the screen until they cover the whole image.

When you start recording, the image begins as small box which enlarges as it jumps across the screen. When you end a scene, the image becomes a small box, then jumps across the screen.

Special Effects
Two additional special effects can be added during recording: Card Mix and Multi-image Screen.

Card Mix
Sample images provided on the MultiMediaCard that comes with the Optura Xi can be combined with the image being recorded. Supplied images include a picture frame.

Multi-Image Screen
Divides your display screen into four, nine, or sixteen pictures with the Digital Photo Mode. You can choose the speed at which the images are captured: Manual, Slow, Moderate, or Fast.

My Camera Function

You give your videos your own personal touch. Why not personalize your camcorder, too? With My Camera Function, choose your favorite start-up image from your own digital photos, or from the selection that comes with your camcorder's software CD. You can even customize your camcorder's operation sounds.


Photo Search
This feature allows you to search for images recorded in Photo Mode. Search forwards or backwards through the images one at a time, or +/-10 from the current position.

Time Code
The Optura Xi records a time code signal along with the video signal. This time code accurately identifies every point on the DV tape by hour, minute, second and frame. This is valuable when editing on a personal computer or professional video editing system.

Data Code
The DV standard calls for the automatic recording of date and time, shutter speed, exposure settings and other key camera data on the tape as you shoot. The Optura Xi does not permanently superimpose this data over your video. Instead, the data remains hidden until you select it for display during playback or editing. You can turn the display on or off at will and you can decide which data you want to display.

Zoom Playback
Want to take a closer look at your image? The Optura Xi allows you to zoom up to 5X during tape or card playback.

Remote Control

The full-function wireless remote control of the Optura Xi will work at distances up to 16 feet (4.9 m). The remote can start and stop recordings, zoom the lens, handle all playback (VCR) functions, handle audio and video dubbing functions, and more.