Optura Xi

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Item Code: 9000A001


DV Messenger2 Software

With supplied Canon DV Messenger2 software, you can use your Canon camcorder for Internet Video Chat with Microsoft Windows XP's Messenger through USB or IEEE 1394. Control the zoom and focus of your camcorder or the person you are chatting with. Preview thumbnails and transfer photos. Watch and control the video playback of either camcorder -- all from your computer.

When used in conjunction with the Optura Xi's Network Mode, you can access your camcorder at home from a remote location (perfect for monitoring while you are away). You have the ability to power up or power down the camcorder, as well as capture images. Network mode also makes it possible to switch the camcorder's mode (CAMERA to VCR, TAPE to CARD) through the computer, instead of manually switching it on the camcorder.