Optura 50

miniDV Camcorders

Digital Camcorder
Item Code: 0330B001


Unsurpassed Optical Quality

10x Optical Zoom / 200x Digital Zoom

Precision-Engineered Genuine Canon Video Lens

Because of Genuine Canon Optics, the name Canon is synonymous with unsurpassed optical performance. Brilliant optical quality is part of every Canon broadcast TV camera, 35mm film camera, and camcorder -- and the Optura 50 is no exception. The Optura 50 comes with a 10X optical zoom which, along with the camcorder's 200X digital zoom, gives you an impressive zoom range found on more expensive cameras. That means you always have the perfect lens, whether you're on vacation and recording a breathtaking landscape, capturing a group shot at your daughter's wedding, or shooting close-ups at your child's birthday party. Genuine Canon Optics is one of the DV Photo Plus technologies that unleash the digital potential of your camcorder and ensures outstanding results.