Optura 50

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Item Code: 0330B001


Canon's High-Resolution 16:9 is true widescreen that's picture perfect

High Resolution 16:9 Widescreen

Give your audiences a cinematic experience that will sweep them away. The Optura 50 features high resolution, 16:9 true Widescreen Mode, a feature typically found on more expensive camera systems. Some camcorders achieve widescreen by simply eliminating part of the image at the top and bottom of the standard 4:3 image, thereby wasting a portion of the CCD's resolution and image-gathering capability. In comparison, the Optura 50's true widescreen capability "squeezes" a 16:9 image into the full CCD. When this image is "unsqueezed" and displayed on your widescreen TV, you get a 16:9 image without losing any of the resolving power of the camcorder's Megapixel CCD.

And, widescreen video is easy with the Optura 50 because your camcorder's LCD screen shows you exactly what you're shooting by displaying a letterbox image.