Optura 500

miniDV Camcorders
Item Code: 9539A003


Effortlessly print and share your images

Connect directly to any Canon CP-series Photo Printer or Canon Bubble Jet Direct Printer without the need of a computer! It's all part of Canon's DV Photo Plus advantage. The moment you connect your Optura 500 camcorder to the printer using the supplied USB cable, the Print & Share button lights up blue. With a press of the button, you can print or transfer your images. It's that easy!

The Optura camcorders also feature a Horizontal & Vertical Trimming Function, Photo Review Function and other still image capabilities that allow you to make your edits directly in the camcorder. You can also connect directly to other Pictbridge compatible printers, and because the camcorder tags each photo you take with information based on Exif 2.2 Print standards, poor lighting and mistakes can be corrected automatically by the printer.

Print & Share is one of the ways Canon's DV Photo Plus brings you quality images. Our experience is the key to delivering your memories just the way you remember them.

Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP)
No more frustration with hard-to-understand Support CDs or at not being able to download missing drivers. The Optura 500 supports Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP), which enables data communication with a computer without having to install dedicated driver software. Your computer simply accesses the camcorder as if it were an external card reader (available only with computers running Windows XP or Mac OS X version 10.1 or later).

PictBridgeIf you have a PictBridge compatible printer, such as a CP-200 or CP-300 Card Photo printer, a Canon Photo Direct Bubble Jet Printer or another manufacturer's printer that supports PictBridge, you can effortlessly connect the camcorder directly to the printer. No need to transfer your images to a computer first.

Exif Print

The camcorders support Exif Print (2.2), a worldwide standard that enhances communication between digital cameras and printers. At the time of shooting, important camcorder settings and scene data are recorded with the image. This information aids the computer and printer in producing realistic and reliable color reproduction. Not happy with your shot? The information can also be used to easily correct poor lighting or mistakes, resulting in photos that are even better than the originals.