Optura 300

miniDV Camcorders

Digital Camcorder
Item Code: 9048A001


Advanced Photo Features

To fully complement the camcorder's superior video quality, it offers features to expand your photographic horizons.

Simultaneous Photo Recording
How many times have you wanted to capture video and photos at the same time? In the past, this meant choosing one over the other -- but not anymore. With the Optura 300's Simultaneous Photo Record feature, you can record high quality video to a MiniDV tape and e-mail ready (640 x 480) digital photos to a memory card at the same time! It's perfect for birthday parties, soccer games, or any time when you don't want to miss a moment.

Selectable AF Frames
Sometimes the subject we want to focus on is not in the center of the frame. With the Optura 300's Selectable AF Frames, you can choose one of three different Auto Focus points to automatically put the subject you want into sharp focus. Taking off-center subjects can add more impact and a new dimension to your photographs.






Auto Exposure Bracketing
With the Optura 300's Auto Exposure Bracketing feature, one click of the Photo button automatically captures three different exposures of the same image: one "normal" exposure, one underexposed (-0.5 darker), and one overexposed (+0.5 lighter). This ensures you will always get the shot you want.






Continuous Shooting Function

With the Optura 300, you can capture a rapid succession of photos, just like the motor drive on a camera. All it takes is a single press of a button, and your camera records 30 VGA (640 x 480) frames at a rate of 3 frames per second, or 10 SXGA (1280 X 960) frames at 2 frames per second. The Continuous Shooting Function is perfect for capturing fast moving action, letting you follow the action like a professional sports photographer.

Built-in Flash

Built-in Flash

The Optura 300 has a built-in flash for use in digital still picture-taking. This makes it easier to shoot the correct exposure even when in a dark environment. The Optura 300 will fire one flash (a pre-flash) to check the exposure, then fires a second time to make the correct exposure. The flash has four modes: auto, on, off, and red-eye reduction.

Stitch Assist

When you can't fit everything you want into a single shot, use the camcorder's Stitch Assist feature to easily create a single breathtaking panorama image. Stitch Assist displays the previous photo on the right half of the LCD screen, and a live image on the left. Just line things up, and shoot. Repeat this process as many times as you like. You don't have to match things perfectly, because the included Canon PhotoStitch software lines up and pieces the individual images together into a seamless, magnificent photographic vista.