Optura 300

miniDV Camcorders

Digital Camcorder
Item Code: 9048A001


Manual Controls

For those who want greater control over picture and audio, the Optura 300 offers manual settings.

Manual Focus
Using a dial on the camera body, you can manually focus the lens.

AE Shift
For fine control over how dark or light you want a scene to look, use the Auto Exposure Shift setting to adjust the auto exposure level.


Preset/Auto/Manual White Balance
The Optura 300 is designed to determine white balance automatically. You also can use standard preset values for indoors (3200º K) and outdoors (5600º K) or you can manually set the white balance. Manually setting the white balance is useful when shooting subjects with one dominant color such as the sky, close-ups, rapidly changing lighting conditions, and places lit by certain types of fluorescent or mercury vapor lights.

Manual Audio Level Control
The Optura 300 offers manual audio level control; a feature typically found only on high-end, pro-style models. It is perfect for those times when you want to be in charge of the audio your camcorder is recording. The level is displayed by an audio meter in the viewfinder or LCD screen. A single button allows you to adjust the level to your liking.