Optura 100MC

miniDV Camcorders

Digital Camcorder
Item Code: 7090A001


Additional Features

The Optura 100MC has a number of additional features for ease of use and creative control.

Multi-Angle Hand Grip

Pick up the Optura 100MC and you will immediately notice the new rotary hand grip. Your fingers easily wrap around the camera body, with fingers placed for easy camera control operation. The grip's lining is soft to the touch, yet enhances weather resistance. The grip itself rotates for ease of handling under all shooting conditions.

Tally Lamp

The tally lamp, a flashing red light on the front of the Optura 100MC that activates when the camera is recording, is designed to let your subject know that the camera is recording. The tally lamp also tells you when the camera is in range of the remote control and is responding to the remote.

Extended Recording Function

In addition to the standard SP mode, the 100MC's Extended Recording Function lets you choose from three more recording modes. Long Play (LP) gives 1.5 times the standard recording time; two additional modes give two and three times SP. When image data is recorded to a tape in the 2x and 3x SP modes, it is compressed twice as much as in SP and LP modes. In the 3x SP mode, record for up to 4 hours on an 80-minute cassette tape. Note that when recording in double or triple length recording mode, image quality will not be as high as SP or LP mode.

Photo Search

This searches for images recorded in Photo mode. You can search forwards or backwards through the images one at a time, or +/-10 from the current position.

Time Code

The Optura 100MC records a time code signal along with the video signal. This time code accurately identifies every point on the DV tape by hour, minute, second and frame. This will prove immensely beneficial if you are editing your footage on your personal computer or a professional video editing system.

Data Code

The DV standard calls for the automatic recording of date and time, shutter speed, exposure settings and other key camera data on the tape as you shoot. The Optura 100MC does not permanently superimpose this data over your video. Instead, it remains hidden until you select it for display during playback or editing. You can turn the display on or off at will, and you can decide which data you want to display.

Remote Control

The Optura 100MC's full-function wireless remote control will work at distances up to 16 feet (4.9 m). The remote can start and stop recordings, zoom the lens, handle all playback (VCR) functions, handle audio and video dubbing functions, and more.


The LANC terminal on the Optura 100MC permits easy connection of compatible edit controllers.