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Digital Camcorder
Item Code: 2967A004


Three Shooting Modes

1) Normal Movie Mode
This is the standard video recording mode. The Optura captures full frame images and uses an RGB primary Color Filter System. The resolution and color rendition of the video image is extremely high compared to other camcorders.

2) Digital Photo Mode
Take more than 500 brilliantly clear still pictures on a single tape (in SP mode) Using a Progressive Scan CCD with Canon's new Digital IC, the photo mode further distinguishes Optura by capturing the highest resolution still images in its class. The camera records the still pictures for approximately 6 seconds, as well as recording the sound for your verbal notes or narration.

3) Digital Motor Drive
(Progressive Scan Mode)
This Canon exclusive feature captures exciting, high resolution pictures by using a Progressive Scan CCD. Faster than the high speed motor drive of a 35mm SLR camera, Canon's Digital Motor DriveTM mode records incredible 30 full frame still images, a second. Because you are shooting continuously, you need never worry about missing any single moment. Other camcorders use an interlacing system recording only half of the image. The Canon Digital Motor DriveTM mode eliminates motion flicker by capturing a full image with every scan. The resulting still images are in high resolution and packed with excitement that only action shots can provide. (Use Normal Movie mode for standard video shooting.)