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Item Code: 2981A001


Audio and Video Inputs and Outputs

The GL1 is designed to handle two types of analog input and output: using audio/video cables (composite) or S-video. Both connections are on the camera back.

Audio and Video Inputs
The GL1's analog audio inputs let you perform dubbing or insert editing from conventional audio sources such as CDs, cassettes, microphones or the soundtracks of other videocassettes.

Analog Line Input
Now it's possible to send an analog video signal from your TV, VCR or camcorder into the GL1 and record it onto DV. It's great for making copies or preserving precious originals.

Mic Input on Body
In addition to using the GL1's built-in microphone, you have the option of plugging in an external microphone to a terminal on the camcorder's right side.

Audio Dub
Using a recording made in the 12-bit audio mode you can also add stereo sound from another audio source or through the internal or external microphone.

AV Insert
Add new video from a VCR or another camcorder to a tape recorded in SP mode.  The GL1 offers you the option of adding video and/or audio to an existing SP-recorded tape. Input can be digital, or analog video and analog audio.

Audio and Video Outputs
Audio and video on a mini-DV cassette can be output to another camcorder or VCR.

Composite / S-Video / Audio Output

Audio output is accomplished via the same ports used for input. Video outputs include composite and S-video. The audio and video ports are located on the back AV panel. In addition there is an adjustable Headphone Terminal.

Headphone Terminal (adjustable level)

The GL1's headphone jack has a 15-level volume adjustment for monitoring sound during shooting, performing sound checks, or listening to the sound through stereo headphones during playback.