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Item Code: 2981A001



The GL1's omnidirectional microphone is designed to deliver great quality sound: more realistic, life-like, and in stereo. But you also have sound options to meet both your recording and editing needs. One option gives you two channels for recording sound and two channels for adding sound at the editing stage.


16-bit (2-ch)/12 bit (2-ch or 4-ch)
The GL1 can record sound in two audio modes:

  • 16-bit (48 kHz, 2 channels) for the highest sound quality, slightly better than CD quality, and equivalent to DAT tape;
  • 12-bit (32 kHz, 2 from 4 channels) for recording on two channels (stereo 1), leaving two channels (stereo 2) open for post production audio recording (narration, music, etc.)

Audio Level Control

The GL1's automatic level control analyzes sound and adjusts the levels automatically to provide the best possible sound.