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Item Code: 2981A001


Picture Adjustments

The GL1 gives you several options for picture adjustment, ranging from color shifting and picture sharpness to white balance.


Camera Color: Color Phase

The GL1 will let you shift the color in six steps towards red or green. The Color Phase feature is particularly useful when shooting under fluorescent lights when skin tones tend towards the green. Using Color Phase, shift the color towards the red.


Camera Sharpness: Picture Sharpness (± 6 steps)

You can also adjust the range of picture sharpness on the GL1, from softer to sharper, depending on how you want to portray your subject. For example, for bridal scenes you may want to adjust the sharpness towards a slightly blurred image for a softer focus effect.


Gain Control
There are times when you may have to shoot in dark locations but cannot add lighting to the scene. Using the Gain Control on the GL1 will increase the brightness of a recorded scene, although at the expense of some image noise. Available gain values are 0dB, +3dB, +6dB, +9dB, +12dB.


White Balance

The GL1 is designed to automatically determine white balance. You can also use standard preset values for indoors (3200° K) and outdoors (5600° K) or you can manually set the white balance. Manually setting the white balance is useful when shooting subjects with one dominant color such as the sky, close-ups, rapidly changing lighting conditions, and in places lit by certain types of fluorescent or mercury vapor lights.

White Balance Setting
Automated adjustments of white balance.
Bright sunlight - 5600ºK
Incandescent light - 3200ºK
Adjustable memory setting variable between 3200 - 5600ºK.