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Programmed Auto Exposure

Program AE

The GL1 offers both versatility to meet all exposure challenges, and ease of use when you're happy to let the camera make all the choices. Amazingly sophisticated circuitry and computer algorithms analyze the light coming through the lens to deliver proper exposure automatically under almost any lighting condition. You can also easily adjust the exposure system in any one of several creative ways to meet specific needs. By turning the easily accessible Program Dial to select one of seven exposure modes, you control how you want the video to look.

Shutter Priority (Tv)
Need to make a crystal clear video of the swing of a golf club and golf ball in flight? Want to accentuate the motion of a racing car by blurring its motion? Or shoot under very low lighting conditions? These are just three of the things you can do simply by selecting one of 12 shutter speeds, from the slow (1/60 second) to the ultra fast (1/15,000 second) when in Shutter-Priority Mode (Tv on the Program Dial). The GL1 will automatically select the aperture for a proper exposure. If you have selected a shutter speed that is either too high or too low for the light conditions, a warning will flash in the viewfinder. Use of the built-in ND filter may be required.

Aperture Priority (Av)
The ability to adjust the lens opening (aperture) gives you the creative ability to adjust depth of focus. With larger openings decreasing the amount of the background that's in focus, and smaller openings increasing the focus area, you can select one of 9 apertures from f/1.5 to f/11 on the Exposure Dial by selecting Av on the Program Dial. The GL1 will automatically select the shutter speed to match the chosen aperture, giving you the proper exposure. If you have selected an aperture that is too large or too small for the lighting conditions, a warning will flash in the viewfinder. Use of the built-in ND filter may be required.

Nothing can confound an exposure system like a singer spotlighted on a dark stage. The GL1 comes to the rescue with Spotlight Mode (dark triangle with white body shape on the Program Dial). The camera will automatically adjust exposure for the center of the frame (the brighter singer) rather than the darkness of the stage. This will prevent the person from showing up overexposed or blooming against a dark background. The result is a perfect exposure.

For those who want total control of all aspects of the exposure system, the GL1 offers Manual Mode (M on the Program Dial). You select the shutter speed, aperture and gain settings for full creative control. For fine exposure control, you have access to 27 shutter speeds, from 1/60 second to 1/15,000 second, and 23 aperture values, for half-stop adjustments from f/1.6 to closed. You also can adjust exposure using one of the five gain values between 0dB and +12dB.

Full Auto (Green Mode)
Green means "go." Set the GL1's Program Dial to Full Auto Mode (identified by the green rectangle) and the camera's sophisticated control system takes over, which means you don't have to worry about anything except being there to capture the moment on video. In this mode, your access to manual controls are restricted.

Auto Mode
Similar to Full Auto Mode, Auto Mode (A on the Program Dial) gives control of camera settings to the GL1, except for those functions you would like to control manually, including focus, exposure, and white balance.

Sand & Snow
Faced with a bright background such as a snow-covered mountain on which you want to record skiers or a bright beach scene? On the GL1's Program Dial select the Sand & Snow Mode (square with skier and sun). This will adjust the exposure so the subject will not appear underexposed against the bright background.

AE Shift
You may want to slightly adjust the image brightness to compensate for backlighting or for scenes that are being rendered slightly overexposed. When in Auto, Tv or Av Modes (selected on the Program Dial), you can engage AE Shift in the camera menu, then turn the menu dial to add or subtract a bit of exposure. There are 13 steps available, from -2 to +2. This is another level of creative control.

AE Lock
To hold the exposure at a particular setting, you can engage AE Lock on the GL1. In all modes except Manual and Full Auto (Green), just press the Exposure Dial, and the current settings are locked in place.