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Item Code: 2981A001


Additional Features

The GL1 has many additional features for ease of use and creative control.

Tally Lamp

The tally lamp, a flashing red light on the front of the GL1 that activates when the camera is recording, is designed to let your subject know that the camera is recording. The tally lamp also tells you when the camera is in range of the remote control and is responding to the remote.

Color View Finder and 2.5" LCD Screen

Enhancing the GL1's usability is a 2.5" (6.4 cm) color LCD screen with approximately 122,000 pixels. Designed for both shooting and playback functions, the screen will rotate 270 degrees so you can adjust the LCD screen to virtually any viewing angle. Your subject can even watch his or her performance as the video is being recorded. The screen folds neatly against the camera body when not in use. The screen can be used to display essential camera and tape function menus and indicators.

Digital Effects

The GL1 offers you a variety of scene transition effects, producing smooth, professional-looking transitions between scenes as you record. Other effects include: Black & White, which removes color from the video images; Slim, which makes images taller; Stretch, to widen an image; and Strobe, for a stop-and-go type of motion effect.


Time Code

The GL1 records a time code signal along with the video signal. This time code accurately identifies every point on the DV tape by hour, minute, second and frame. This will prove immensely beneficial if you are editing your footage on your personal computer or a professional video editing system.

Data Code

The DV standard calls for the automatic recording of date and time, shutter speed, exposure settings and other key camera data on the tape as you shoot. However, the GL1 does not permanently superimpose this data over your video. Instead, it remains hidden until you select it for display during playback or editing. You can turn the display on or off at will, and you can decide which data you want to display.

Remote Control

The GL1's full-function wireless remote control will work at distances up to 16 feet (4.9m). The remote can start and stop recordings, zoom the lens, handle all playback (VCR) functions, handle audio and video dubbing functions, and more.

Canon EX Speedlite Flash Compatibility (220EX/550EX)

When using the GL1's Photo Mode, you can add a Canon Speedlite electronic flash to the camcorder's accessory shoe. The compatible Speedlites are the 220EX and 550EX. The flash will function exactly as it would when attached to a 35mm photo camera to add light to the picture.

Photo Search

Remember that you can put hundreds of still images on a DV tape when using the GL1 in Photo Mode. So having a way to find a particular image is a necessity. Using the Remote Control, Easy Photo Search lets you scan through the still pictures, even if they're recorded between sections of moving footage.