Elura 65

miniDV Camcorders
Item Code: 9479A001


Faders and Special Effects

The Elura camcorders come complete with a wide selection of faders and special effects that can add visual appeal and greater imaging variety. Choose from Fade Trigger, Wipe, Corner, Jump, Flip, Puzzle, Zigzag, Beam and Tide.

For a more creative look, you can switch on the following digital effects during recording or playback*: Art, Black & White, Sepia, Mosaic, Ball, Cube, Wave, Color Mask or Mirror.

* In Card mode: Only black and white is available.


Multi-image Screen

Multi-Image Screen

You can even divide your screen into four, nine or sixteen pictures with the Image Capture function. Of course, the camcorder gives you the choice of which speed the images are captured: Manual, Slow, Moderate or Fast.
Stitch Assist

By using the StitchAssist Mode, you can create magnificent panoramas. Shoot your landscape, and transfer them to your computer. Then simply select and arrange your images in the correct order, and the supplied PhotoStitch software does the rest, aligning, overlapping and cropping the separate images to form one ultra-wide panoramic still image.