Elura 2MC

miniDV Camcorders

Digital Camcorder
Item Code: 6489A001


Shooting Modes

The Elura 2MC offers you three shooting modes to satisfy all your picture-taking needs. There's the Normal Movie Mode for the majority of your shooting; Digital Motor Drive for high resolution and blur-free pictures; and Digital Photo Mode for single pictures -- that's right, you don't need to carry a photo camera, too.

Normal Movie Mode
So you want to be a filmmaker? Normal Movie Mode is how! You shoot smooth, full-motion video, then play it back on your TV, or put the movies onto the hard drive of your computer to view, edit, post on the Internet, or send to friends.
You'll be making high-quality movies, with a distinctive filmic quality different from other video you've seen. The Progressive Scan CCD and RGB Primary Color Filter act at the video capture point to make sure that the color, light, and motion of the scene in front of you are recorded with extraordinary color rendition and true-to-life color.
This gives you the control and power you need to make movies at home or at work that look like they were shot by a pro.

Digital Photo Mode
You don't want to carry a video camera and a still camera on an outing. Or, maybe you just like the idea of taking 700 pictures without having to change film or memory card. The ELURA2 MC shoots digital still photos in the camera mode; so it's two cameras in one.
Just press the photo button to capture more than 700 stunning still pictures on a single videocassette (in SP mode). The ELURA2 MC can also capture approximately 60 fine resolution still pictures onto an 8MB MultiMediaCard.
Also, you can combine video and still pictures together with the added benefit of audio tracks, even in stereo!

Digital Motor Drive™
The ELURA2 MC Digital Motor Drive, made possible only through the use of a Progressive Scan CCD, captures high resolution pictures packed with excitement. Faster than the high speed motor drive of a 35mm camera, the ELURA2 MC's Digital Motor Drive amazes photo hobbyists and professional photographers by recording an incredible 30 full frame images per second, continuously. Select this mode when you plan to transfer superior quality photos from your MiniDV videocassette or onto the MultiMediaCard, viewing on TV, printing or downloading to a DV compatible computer. The Digital Motor Drive, a Canon first, expands the ELURA2 MC's versatility and the variety of your images. (Use Normal Movie Mode for standard video recording.)