DV Messenger 2

miniDV Camcorders


Control Camera, Tape Playback, and Card Functions through IEEE1394 or USB

A world of control is right at your fingertips. Connect a Canon DV camcorder to your computer's IEEE1394 terminal and get ready for a truly interactive experience. When using the Optura Xi or Optura 300, you have the option of connecting to your computer's USB terminal.

Control the focus and zooming operation of your camcorder, as well as your chat partner's camcorder.

Have an interesting scene on your Mini DV tape you want someone to see? DV Messenger2 allows total access of your camcorder's playback functions (play, stop, fast forward, rewind, pause, etc.). A shuttle control is also provided for fast operation. Of course, you can control the playback of your buddy's camcorder too!

Still images stored on the memory card can also be accessed and shared.