CONSOLE Image Control & Storage Software v1.1

miniDV Camcorders

Item Code: 1259B003


Pull Down Menus

CONSOLE is very simple and conveniently laid out in two basic environments: "Rec Panel" and "Play Panel".

Pull-down menus at the top of the screen provide a method of accessing the functions controlled by buttons on the Toolbar, except the "Work Space (W)" option, which is not duplicated on the Toolbar. If you'd like to save a customized display, you can use option "View (V)" to re-arrange the windows on your desktop.

The screen-grab above shows "Standard" default mode seen when you open the CONSOLE software for the first time.

An example of customized workspace is seen below for the "Rec Panel" environment. The "Play Panel" is closed until needed and "Custom Preset", "Camera Control", and "Focus Assist" windows have been moved right with "Rec Viewer", the "Vector and Wave Monitor" windows enlarged.

CONSOLE software lets you control gamma, master pedestal, color phase, custom presets and AE metering. The interface even includes a wave form and vector display for measuring and adjusting video and phase parameters. The software also allows you to control your camcorders' zoom, focus, white balance, shooting mode and frame rate, as well as its iris and shutter speed. Even the still image capture function of the camcorder can be operated remotely through CONSOLE. Each control function is displayed in a separate on-screen window, allowing you to customize the size and position of the displays to best meet your needs. With the additional compatibility of the XH G1 and XH A1 the software newly supports AE Shift ± 1.25, Gain +36 dB, and Pre-set shift function of white balance. Console Software v1.1 also includes new features found on the XH A1 and G1 including Color Correction, Skin Detail, and Sky Detail.