High Definition Camcorders

High Definition Camcorder
Item Code: 2080B001



In keeping with the Canon XL Series, the XL H1S provides the level of operating convenience demanded by professional users whether in the field or the studio.

  • Memory cards can be formatted in the camcorder
  • Color bar selection capability (two types each for NTSC & PAL)
  • To avoid accidental operation, the responsiveness of the buttons controlling shutter, zoom, focus, PUSH AF, AE LOCK, WB SET, AE shift dial, REC REVIEW, DE SEL, DE ON, End-Search and Gain Set can be set.
  • Letterbox format supported when signals are converted during playback
  • Default write & protect
  • Marker color specification
  • Frame grab compatibility to SD/SDHC memory card during shooting or playback (1920 x 1080)