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High Definition Camcorders

HDV Camcorder
Item Code: 3235B001
Estimated Retail Price: $6,999.00


HD-SDI/SD-SDI Out, Genlock In, Timecode In & Out, and Other Terminals


The XH G1S gives capabilities required by ENG, TV and commercial production professionals. Whether it's a multi-camera broadcast situation, a feature film, or a run-and-gun documentary, this camera delivers all the options needed to integrate seamlessly with existing workflows.

  • Industry-Standard Connection Terminals (BNC Style)
HD-SDI & SD-SDI Output with embedded audio and time code
Video Standard: SMPTE 292M
Embedded Audio Standard: SMPTE 299M
Time code Standard: SMPTE RP 188 (LTC)

Video Standard: SMPTE 259M
Embedded Audio Standard: SMPTE 272M
Time code Standard: SMPTE RP 188 (LTC)

The HD-SDI Output provides 1.485 Gbps signal at 1920x1080 resolution with 4:2:2 color sampling and embedded audio and time code.

SMPTE Time Code Input & Output Terminals
Genlock Input (HD or SD reference signal synchronization in Genlock HD mode)

  • 6-Pin IEEE 1394 terminal provides a more rugged connection when using external devices and an external EVF monitor output terminal is also fitted to allow the use of a component external monitor for more accurate image composing and video review.

  • Component Video Out
  • LANC Terminal
  • Flash Accessory Shoe supports Canon EX Series Speedlites, enabling you to use the proper lighting accessory to provide the illumination you need for practically any subject in any situation.

An added feature of the XH G1S, which complements the 24F frame rate mode, are flags for the 24F 2:3 pull-down information. Added to the video outputted through HD-SDI, which normally outputs 60i, these reference markers ensure that the extra frames removed can be located by compatible hardware or software. You will then have native 24F for accurate professional editing.