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Canon Exclusive: 2.7" Multi-Angle Vivid Widescreen LCD

2.7" Multi-Angle Vivid Widescreen LCD

Widescreen LCD

Multiangle Vivid LCD

The 2.7” Multi-Angle Vivid Widescreen LCD on the HR10 lets you see more of what your camcorder is recording. Using a hard coat AR surface and improved color reproduction, the scene in the viewfinder is more accurate to what you’re capturing in the camcorder. An added benefit of this Canon Exclusive is the wider range of viewing angle possible with this new LCD screen. With less glare and deeper contrasts, groups of people can gather around it and see the image displayed more clearly than ever before.

Standard LCD Display
Standard LCD Display

HR10 Multi-Angle Vivid LCD
HR10 Multi-Angle Vivid LCD