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Superb Shooting Control

Joystick Control

The joystick makes using the VIXIA HG20 camcorder easier than ever. Extra buttons have been eliminated, allowing you to access many functions from one convenient place. The joystick lets you control play, stop, fast forward and rewind functions during playback. Conveniently placed on the LCD panel area, it also controls exposure lock and exposure compensation during recording.

Variable Zoom Speed Lever

 Another sure sign of amateur video is the unsteady zoom shot. But with the VIXIA HG20's zoom control lever, you can select one of three pre-set zoom speeds for smooth, steady, professional looking zooms. In addition, the zoom lever gives far greater control over your zoom than is possible with a traditional rocker switch.

Focus Assist Function

The image quality of high definition demands a properly focused subject. The Focus Assist feature on the VIXIA HG20 gives you sharp focus by zooming into your image to let you focus on a close up of your subject. It's the way professional videographers and photographers work manually. A Peaking function also helps, by emphasizing image contours. You can also use the Enlargement function to see your subject more clearly while composing your shot.

Level and Grid Markers

With the Level Marker feature, it's easy to keep your camera level for more professional looking video. Line up any horizontal lines in your shot - such as the horizon - to the marker and you can be sure your camcorder is level.

Simulated image

The VIXIA HG20's Grid Marker feature lets you compose your shot accurately, according to the grid in your viewfinder. You can even choose from two different colors for the grid. This ensures that you see the grid, no matter what the background color of your shot is.

Quick Start

Never miss a quickly unfolding shot again. Push the Quick Start button between shots - it places the VIXIA HG20 in standby mode. When the action starts, push the Quick Start button again to begin recording in less than one second. You'll also help extend your battery life compared with leaving the camcorder in regular recording mode.

Low Light Performance

Simulated image

By increasing the sensitivity of the VIXIA HG20's HD CMOS image sensor and using improved fixed-pattern "noise" reduction technology, you can now shoot clearer, sharper video at very low light levels. When taken with a 1/30 sec. slow shutter, subjects can be shot at light levels as low as just 3 Lux. You won't be afraid to shoot indoors or in poorly lit outdoor locations again.

Program AE Mode

For the best exposure for various situations, the VIXIA HG20's Program AE mode will automatically adjust the settings to compensate for the conditions and subject. Choose from Portrait, Sports, Night, Snow, Beach, Sunset, Spotlight and Fireworks. You won't have to guess if you're capturing all the action just the way you want it because the VIXIA HG20 will do it for you.

Built-in Electronic Lens Cover

Never worry about a lost lens cover or one that gets in your way when shooting.

The built-in electronic lens cover on the VIXIA HG20 automatically opens when you turn the camcorder on and closes when you turn it off.

Long Recording Time

You can truly take advantage of the long recording times offered by HDD video thanks to the performance of the VIXIA HG20.

  1920 x 1080 recording 1440 x 1080 recording
Memory capacity MXP

(app. 24 Mbps)

(app. 17 Mbps)

(app. 12 Mbps)

(app. 7 Mbps)

(app. 5 Mbps)
2GB 10 min. 15 min. 20 min. 35 min. 45 min.
4GB 20 min. 30 min. 40 min. 1 hour

10 min.
1 hour

30 min.
8GB 40 min. 1 hour 1 hour

25 min.
2 hours

20 min.
3 hours
16GB 1 hour

25 min.
2 hours

5 min.
2 hours

50 min.
4 hours

45 min.
6 hours

5 min.
32GB 2 hours

55 min.
4 hours

10 min.
5 hours

45 min.
9 hours

35 min.
12 hours

15 min.
HDD: 60GB 5 hours

30 min.
7 hours

50 min.
10 hours

50 min.
18 hours 22 hours

55 min.
*1920 x 1080 movie recording requires a Class 4 or higher memory card. For other recording formats, a Class 2 or higher card is recommended. Also, movie recording requires cards with 128 MB of memory or more. Cards made by Toshiba, SanDisk or Matsushita are recommended. No particular restrictions apply for still images.

All this will eliminate the worry of running out of recording media. Your Actual Recording Time (continuous on battery charge) can be up to 95 minutes with the LCD used in the Normal brightness mode. Getting the shots you want, when you want them, will be easier than ever.

AVCHD HDD in a Compact Size

The VIXIA HG20 is a compact AVCHD format HDD camcorder, measuring only 3.1" wide, 3" high and 5.5" deep.