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AVCHD Format HDD in a Compact Size

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The HG10 is Canon's first AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition) Format Hard Disk Drive camcorder. AVCHD uses an MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 video codec, recording true 1080 High Definition resolution video. It allows you to capture more video onto a hard disk using less storage, for extended recording time. You can play the video directly from the camcorder on your HDTV, or easily download it onto your Windows XP™ or Vista™ system computer for playback, editing or sharing with friends and family. You can also burn video onto DVDs which play in AVCHD compatible Blu-ray disc players.2 Higher audio quality is also yours with the AVCHD format. All of this comes in a compact AVCHD format HDD camcorder, measuring only 3.2" wide, 3" high and 5.1" deep.

HG10 Camcorder
Added to the HG10's handy size is the convenience of shooting high definition onto a hard disk. You'll never tape over a precious moment by accident, since the disk automatically searches for a blank space on which to record.