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VIXIA HF R42 3.6 5 5 5
Poor First off, I used to have the Canon Vixia HF M30 which was a very good camcorder till I made the mistake of leaving it in my luggage on the plane where it was stolen. After that depressing episode, I decided to purchase a new Canon camcorder which I definitely figure would be an upgrade but what a shock I was in for. 1) Canon! no dedicated photo button? You have to take the photo from the touch screen, which is very awkward. 2) No external light for the camcorder? I can guarantee that night shots will not be good. This camcorder is only meant for daytime use or bright internal lighting and no flash when taking photos. 3) You have to manually open the lens cover on this now, not like my HF M30 which was automatic when powering up. 4) Extremely cheap quality, very easy to break it. 5) Not very good camera shots. I have to rate this below my iPhone 4 so don't buy for photo taking. surprisingly grainy photos and out of focus shots in decent lighting One positive! Video does look and the 32 GB internal hard drive is a nice feature. Well that said and done, I am very happy mine came with a bad battery or connection when I purchased so I am pleased that I am returning for a refund. I did manage to use the plug in adaptor to power it and give this review. Canon used to mean high quality so I have no idea what has happened. Canon made a big gamble by saving money to make there products and all it is doing is hurting there reputation. On a final note, I loved my old Vixia HF M30 so much, I am now looking to buy a used one. I do not recommend this camcorder March 4, 2014
Very poor indoor performance. Useless WiFi remote Even in a brightly lit room, the video is so grainy it is almost useless. I cannot recommend for any kind of indoor use. Luckily, I have studio quality lighting (will cost many hundreds of $$) and I can make do with it in a fixed location. Outdoors with good daylight, it is fine as well. Your indoor lighting could be bright to your eyes, but if it is anything less than cool-white, the video is very grainy. Most of have around 3000K (incandescent). What it needs is something more than 5000K and LOTS of it. The WiFi remote functionality has so many issues, I don't even know where to begin. First, it is disabled not just for certain frame-rates (like the product description says) but in many other conditions that are not mentioned and other than spending hours in the manual there is no help from the camera as to why it is disabled. All I am looking for is simple remote functionality (zoom in/out, pause/record). The entire WiFi functionality is disabled the minute you use an external mic or the HDMI out for monitoring. I own many Canon products (70D was my other recent purchase and I love it) but people should run from this R40/R42 models. They are neither good for consumer use or for prosumer use. November 14, 2013
Can't use CameraAccess on Android 4.1 (Galaxy.S3) First... The camera is very cool. This review is just to let potential buyers know that it uses USB 2, not 3, so downloads of large video isn't a fast as it could be. Secondly, you can't use the WiFi Camera Access app with Android 4.1 or later. It only works with 4.0. April 19, 2013
Very nice features Great features! I had the following requirements & it met them all: External microphone option, ability to turn off Auto-focus & do it manually, save to various quality levels of MP4 format, large enough internal storage (add-on cards never perform like on-board storage), ability to record while plugged in. April 11, 2013
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