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HF G30
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The Right Format For Any Use

Dual Recording allows simultaneous movie recording in MP4 and AVCHD formats. Built-in downconversion creates MP4 files for easy sharing on the web.

Dual Recording and built-in transcoding help ensure that you’ll have the right format available for your needs. Using the power of the DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor, the VIXIA HF G30 camcorder can simultaneously record video in AVCHD format to one SD card, and in MP4 format to the other SD card^. The widely used MP4 format provides quick, conversion-free playback on tablets and smartphones, and lets you upload videos directly to social networking sites for easy sharing with friends, family and the world. AVCHD is perfect for watching videos on an HDTV or archiving them to Blu-ray discs. The camcorder also has a built-in transcoding function that converts AVCHD files to MP4s, or from MP4 to MP4 across memory media, making them easy to upload to the Web or save to an SD card.

Main Slot Secondary Slot (MP4 Recording)
Format Bit Rate Size Frame Rate   Format Bit Rate and Size Frame Rate
AVCHD 28 Mbps 1920x1080 60P × NOT POSSIBLE
24 Mbps 1920x1080 60i/PF30/24P MP4 4 Mbps (1280x720)
3 Mbps (640x360)
17 Mbps 1920x1080 60i/PF30/24P
5 Mbps 1440x1080 60i/PF30/24P
MP4 35 Mbps 1920x1080 60P × NOT POSSIBLE
24 Mbps 1920x1080 30P/24P MP4 4 Mbps (1280x720)
3 Mbps (640x360)
17 Mbps 1920x1080 30P/24P
4 Mbps 1280x720 30P/24P
3 Mbps 640x360 30P/24P 3 Mbps (640x360) 30P/24P

^ Simultaneous recording is not supported when using MP4 (35 Mbps), AVCHD Progressive (28 Mbps) or Cinema-Look Filters.