Flash Memory Camcorders

Dual Flash Memory Camcorder
Item Code: 3419B001


Dual Flash Memory: 32GB Internal Flash Drive & SDHC Card Slot

What makes the FS22 stand out in the category of Flash Memory camcorders is its Dual Memory capability. You can capture video on both the camcorder's 32GB internal Flash drive as well as onto an SDHC memory card.

Video stored on the internal memory can also be copied onto the memory card which can then be inserted into your computer or television's card reader slot for immediate viewing.

Additionally, you can use higher capacity memory cards to further increase the video storage of your FS22.

Dual Flash Memory
A Class 2 or higher card is recommended. Also, movie recording requires cards with 128MB of memory or more. Cards made by Toshiba, SanDisk or Matsushita are recommended. No particular restrictions apply for still images.