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Item Code: 6940A001


Small in Size, High on Resolution

Microportability now has a new name–the LV-7105. Weighing a mere 6 pounds, the LV-7105 delivers high quality real XGA performance, but is light enough to carry with you anywhere. Unbelievable but true, the LV-7105 offers high brightness and an extensive list of features, previously found only on larger, more expensive projectors. The LV-7105 is the projector for all seasons. Connect it to your laptop, digital camcorder, or HDTV; the LV-7105 can handle it all. Thanks to the LV-7105's easy operation, you will be able deliver a presentation without skipping a beat. Your audience will see Canon Know How in action. The LV-7105 is another way Canon delivers high performance to both the boardroom and classroom.