LASER CLASS 3170 Series

LASER CLASS 3170 Series

About LASER CLASS 3170 Series


Canon's LASER CLASS 3170 Series Facsimile systems offer you the flexibility and productivity you're looking for in a multifunctional office fax solution. With a LASER CLASS 3170 Series Multifunction System, everyone in your workgroup has the power of a high volume Canon Laser Facsimile machine: a 17-ppm laser printer, 1200-dpi resolution, Super G3 Technology, a 30-scans-per-minute scanner, large document memory, and a 70-sheet document feeder. What's more, every machine has a convenient front-access design and a FX-6 Cartridge included. As your needs grow, you can choose from the following configurations for any of the LASER CLASS 3170 Series machines:

Stand-alone Fax with Local Printer

Stand-alone Fax with Network Printer

Stand-alone Fax/Network Fax/Scanner/Network Printer

The LASER CLASS 3170MS, the top of the LASER CLASS 3170 Series, comes with a PCL®6 Printer Board allowing for parallel printing and supports a PostScript® 3 Option for both PC and Macintosh® users. Right out of the box, it is a high volume, stand-alone Fax machine and 17-ppm local laser printer to which you can add network Printing or the Dual Line Option**. The LASER CLASS 3175 and LASER CLASS 3170 are hard-working, stand-alone facsimile systems that let you choose how you want to increase productivity.

If you need the productivity of two fax machines in one, simply add the Super G3 Dual Line Option which gives you twice the fax power: send two faxes at once, or send and receive faxes simultaneously.