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Item Code: 8792A001


The ColorPASS-Z800 has been designed to meet the demands of the most discriminating graphics professionals. It has the power to quickly process large graphic files with a Pentium® 4 @ 2.0GHz processor, a 60GB Hard Drive and 256MB of RAM. With its two Ethernet connections, a 100Base-T connection to join conventional networks, and a gigabit connection to hook into the most advanced, high-speed networks, the ColorPASS-Z800 has the ability to easily connect to virtually any network.

The once optional Graphic Arts Feature Set ships standard with the ColorPASS-Z800, providing users with Spot-On® Color Matching, Auto Trapping, Soft Proofing and Hot Folders. Ideal for color-critical situations, the ColorPASS-Z800 works seamlessly with any CLC 1100 series device to offer a complete color imaging system that outputs unrivaled color.