CanoScan FS2710

CanoScan Series

Film Scanner
Item Code: 0774A009


Are you digital yet? Canon invites you to explore the possibilities. At Canon, we're leading the way with products that satisfy all of your digital needs. Products like the CanoScan FS2710 scanner: the perfect accessory for the digital photographer. It's ideal for enlargements, Web pages, newsletters, business documents and more.

Canon's FS2710 makes your world of digital imaging easy. It accepts slides or negatives, color or black-and-white, 35mm or APS film and converts them into digital files, featuring 36-bit scanning capability that supports recognition of 68.7 billion colors, and an improved color-tone algorithm to preserve every photographic detail with incredible accuracy. It has a unique combination of high-optical resolution, natural color reproduction and incredible scanning speed to meet the needs of photography enthusiasts and Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) users alike.

At Canon, we want to help you make better digital images quickly and easily, and with the FS2710 you can. The maximum resolution input for both 35mm positives and negatives is accomplished in as fast as 13 seconds per frame, while frames of Advanced Photo System film can be scanned in as fast as 10 seconds. The FS2710 also features 2,720 dots-per-inch optical resolution and 12-bit RGB input and output, with a 3.2 dynamic range. Other more subtle features include the CanoScan FS2710's pleasantly quiet operation and semi-transparent dust cover to keep out unwanted particles when the unit is not in use. All accessories are supplied, including a SCSI adapter and cable and a comprehensive software bundle with Adobe PhotoShop LE and full support for Macintosh and PC computers. At Canon, our products are so easy to use, that your only question will be what option to use first.

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