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The Essence of Professionalism

Canon's XL1S makes it possible to truly customize your shooting experience. Its unique open architecture design, full manual control, and extensive list of dedicated accessories allow the camera to become an extension of your creative spirit. Superior image quality and pro-oriented features make the XL1S ideal for those with discriminating taste.

The Canon XL1S is not one, but many different cameras. Interchangeable lenses and viewfinders allow the XL1S to be tailored for optimal performance in any shooting condition. Incorporating high precision optics, full manual control, and features found only previously on top-end professional gear, the XL1S raises the standard for others to follow.

Canon offers a full range of accessories to complement the open-architecture design of the XL1S. Optional lenses, viewfinders, and microphone adapters allow you to customize the XL1S to your specific style and application.